90 Day Look, Feel and Perform Better Challenge

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Feel, Look and Perform Better Challenge


CrossFit Outspoken Crew, time to make more positive changes, we have been dialing in our mechanics and positions in our movements, now time to dial in our nutrition. Good nutrition is an essential component within your progress, training, and recovery. There’s a saying: “You can’t train your way out of a bad diet.”

Welcome to the Beginning of a New YOU

This will not be your typical “diet” challenge; the aim for this program is to teach a healthy  lifestyle change regarding proper nutrition that can be maintained even after the challenge is over.  Change can be hard and bad habits can take time to break, for this reason, this will be an extended challenge, lasting three months. Together as a community we will learn proper nutrition, achieve personal goals,  learn to have a healthy relationship with food and improve our overall quality of life and performance.

This Challenge is not about weight loss or the number on the scale; it’s about improving how you look, feel, and perform.  Your body composition will change, and, yes, most of you will likely lose weight.  But, you will also perform better—become stronger, have better endurance, and enjoy more energy in general.  Your overall mood and sense of well-being will improve.  So, even if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose, this is still a great challenge for you.  For my male athletes, if you are looking to gain mass to improve upon your strength numbers, this is for you as well, the program will be adjusted for you.

I encourage everyone to join in and support one another, as a community we are capable of anything. Accountability to one another is key, there will be days, maybe even weeks where some may struggle or even fall of the “band wagon,” but you will learn it’s okay to have a bad day, it’s okay if things aren’t perfect, does not mean you have failed. Just means right back at it the next day.  Throughout this challenge you will learn the tools to making a lifestyle change and finding what works for you in the long term, finding that happy balance with your nutrition.  

Starting Date and Brief:

This challenge will begin on Monday, August 18, 2014 and ends on Friday November 14, 2014, running for a 90 day duration.  There will be an Athlete Brief Friday, August 15, 2014, 7:30 pm, in order to cover the details of the program and to set you up for success. The following will be covered during the brief:

  • Essential Foundations of Nutrition
    • Proper Macro-nutrients
    • Foods to Avoid
    • Options: Whole Foods, Paleo & Zone.
    • Supplements i.e. Fish Oil etc.
    • Pre / Post Workout Nutrition
  • Importance of Proper Recovery, i.e. sleep, hydration, and mobility.
  • Food Prep., Meal Planning, Recipes (Keeping It Simple)
  • Point System / Progress – Tracking Program
  • Community Aspect: Accountability and Support

Community Is Everything

Remember you are not alone and will have the support of everyone within our CrossFit OutSpoken Crew. We are all accountable to each other; there will be good days and bad days, ups and downs, but together as a community we can push past our struggles and achieve our goals. This challenge is for everyone to continue that pursuit of being better everyday and improving your overall quality of life.

This Challenge is three months long, at the end of each month we will have a fun potluck party, everyone brings a yummy healthy recipe and grill masters Harlee and Colin will cook up the meat!! Music and schangians, bring on the well earned fun!

Prizes to Celebrate Everyone’s Success

Yes, there will be prizes!!  Winners will be selected based on their results, which will include the following: before and after photos, total points earned, improvement on the capacity test (TBA) and the written testimonials.

1st Place: Two Months Free Training at CFOS + Pair of Nano 4.0

2nd Place: Pair of Nano 4.0 

3rd Place: $50 Reebok Gift Card.

***Fun Random Prize Throughout the Challenge***

Not to mention we will end this challenge with a bang….PARTY!!

So exciting!! Let’s do this!!

Registration – Here

Buy In: The registration cost for this challenge is $40; this helps to cover prizes, program to track athlete’s progress & potluck costs. Please put your money in an envelope (with your name) and give to Coach Michelle prior to August 15, 2014.

Online Registration: Submit your “before” (Front, Side, Back) photos. This information will all be private will not be published or seen by anyone but your coach without your consent. Register HERE.

Special thanks to David Osorio for his awesome ideas in his Blog: Inside The Affiliate, where he shares how he implemented his nutrition program.

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