Athlete Spotlight – Colin Kearns

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August, 2014: Athlete Spotlight 



Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

September 2014’s Athlete of the Month is Colin.

Let us introduce you to the one and only Colin Kearns!!

Let us introduce you to the one and only Colin Kearns!!

No matter how many people are in the box, Colin is hard to miss.  Towering over everyone, his good nature, humor and hard work are evident in everything he does.  His humor and encouragement can be seen both in the box and on FaceBook, where his posts have made everyone smile.

Born in Hong Kong, Colin moved to Florida when his father retired from the military after 29 years of service.  He grew up and went to school in Rockledge.  He lives in Brevard County with his wife, Christine, their two sons and their dog, Wrigley.  For hobbies, he said, “I love being with my family and dog, watching my sports teams (Cubs, Bulls, Patriots, and Gators), watching movies, annoying my wife, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping.”  Yes, he said “cleaning”, and he wasn’t referring to the Olympic Lift.

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Banded Deadlifts like a Boss!!!

Growing up, Colin was very athletic, playing soccer, baseball, and, of course, basketball.  Playing soccer as a goalie was his favorite, but he performed best at baseball, and his height made him a natural at basketball.  He played soccer until high school, where he had to stop because the soccer season ran concurrent with basketball.  In high school, he played both basketball and baseball.  He played basketball as a center all four years and was first base in baseball for three years.  Upon graduation, he played basketball at Western Carolina before transferring to Florida Tech.  He also played semi-pro basketball with the Brevard Blue Ducks.

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Oh Yes He Can, Even at 6’9!!!

While he has experience as a teacher, Colin has been working for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office for the past five years and is currently an agent assigned to the Game Over Task Force, which is responsible for tracking and arresting some of the most dangerous fugitives in Brevard County.  It was working for BCSO that led him to become friends with Coach Michelle and Harlee.  Harlee taught him in the police academy and had the memorable experience of exposing Colin to the Taser when he was hired.  During his time at BCSO, he worked one shift with Harlee as his Sergeant and another shift with Coach Michelle as his Corporal.

Colin discovered CrossFit through his awesome wife, Christine, who also happens to be best friends with Coach Michelle.  He attempted Crossfit at another box in January 2013, but didn’t enjoy it and was worried about aggravating an existing knee injury.  He regularly attended a gym, but when he learned that CrossFit OutSpoken was getting ready to open, he was excited.  He knew Coach Michelle was very knowledgeable and passionate about physical training and he felt he could trust her to help him improve his performance without aggravating his knee pain.


Power Couple!! We love the Kearns!!

Anyone who has WODed with Colin knows he is competitive and works extremely hard.  He consistently pushes himself and it has shown in his performance.  While all of his strength numbers have gone up, he is most proud of his improvements in his mobility and form.  For example, when he first started squatting, he had to use the tall side of the jump box (30” rise) under his hips.  Now, he squats to parallel.  With his deadlift, he had to have the weight elevated on two 45# plates (8” rise), but now he lifts from the ground with good form.  Colin also adds, “Being able to complete a week of CF and go back the next week is an accomplishment for me!”

He also lists beating his addiction to coating his entire body with chalk for every lift as an accomplishment!

Colin’s goals include competing in the Pure Vida Challenge next year.  He is registered to compete in his first competition, the Festivus Games, later this month.  Otherwise, his goals include continuing to grow in CrossFit and improving his overall fitness and health.

Busting out some Double Unders!!!

Busting out some Double Unders!!!

During this interview, Colin did not mention his accomplishments with CFOS’ Feel, Look and Perform Better Challenge; however, his performance over the first half has been incredible.  While he currently sits atop the men’s leaderboard in points, his accomplishments are obvious to anyone who sees him.  He has grown stronger, yet is getting leaner every week.  His wears the signs of his dedication every day and is a positive inspiration to everyone he meets.

Before Pic: August 2014, Gray Shirt, After PIc: October 2, 2014.

Before Pic: August 2014, Gray Shirt, After Pic: October 2, 2014.

“CFOS is an amazing place with amazing people,” Colin said.  “The past 3 months that I have been going to CFOS has been so much fun.  No matter how sore or miserable I might be, I always look forward to coming in to workout with the great friends that I have gained.”

Colin is not only a strong, hardworking athlete, but he is a joy to be around.  His good nature, positive attitude, sense of humor and his dedication are inspiring to those around him.  He is a strong addition to our CFOS family and is the kind of person who lifts others up just by being himself.  We are proud of everything he has accomplished so far and look forward seeing him continue to improve.


-by Harlee Stafford


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