Athlete Spotlight – Shannon Bellinger

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October, 2014: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

October’s 2014’s Athlete of the Month is Shannon.


Meet Shannon!!

Shannon has been a member from the moment CrossFit OutSpoken opened its doors.  He is a full-time member of the “Up Before the Sun Club”, usually WODing with the 5:30 am crew.  Since our grand opening, Shannon has been a constant presence.  From the beginning, he has been a very hard work worker and responds well to Michelle’s coaching and programming.  His strength numbers have steadily climbed while his mobility has improved dramatically.

Born and raised in West Melbourne, Shannon is a true Floridian.  He currently shares a home with his daughter, Brianna and son, Devin.

Shannon and his son, Devin!! Father / Son WOD, that was a special day:)

Shannon and his son, Devin. Father / Son WOD, that was a special day:)

Other than a short stint attending Tae Kwon Do, Shannon did not partake in any sports as a child or young adult.  CrossFit has been his first true foray into fitness and he quickly became addicted to the physical and mental demands of training!

Shannon found CrossFit OutSpoken through his friend, Jenny, who recently also joined CFOS.  They have been long-time friends, and she invited him to attend the “Meet and Greet” event at Wickham Park we held prior to our Grand Opening.  Shannon said, “She drug me to your crazy meet n greet at Wickham Park, and now I’m a crazy too! LOL!”  


Shannon dialing in his Overhead Squat and looking solid!!

Shoulder Press!! Shannon looking strong like always!!

Shoulder Press!! Shannon looking strong like always, a inspiration to many:)

Shannon’s original goals were to “simply to get in shape” and then, take part in a CrossFit competition.  Well he did just that, Shannon’s performance and fitness quickly improved and, thanks to his outstanding effort in the Festivus Games, he feels he has already accomplished some of his goals much sooner than he had ever dreamed!  Now that he is learning more about himself and CrossFit, his next goals are Double Unders and Muscle Ups.

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First CrossFit Competition!! He rocked it like a Boss, ranking top ten in his division!

When asked about what he likes best about CrossFit OutSpoken, he said, “I must say that more than the lifts, WODs or the physical aspects of CrossFit, it’s the overwhelming positive reinforcement that is something new to me. I spent my childhood in children’s homes and juvenile detention centers. If you have never had this kind of acceptance and positive reinforcement, it can be pretty powerful stuff!! I love it! I love CrossFit, Coach Michelle, and our whole community! CFOS is quite easily one of the very best things to ever come into my life! I only wish I had found it sooner!”

As Coach Michelle say’s, “Shannon is one hell of a person and athlete, always has everyone’s back and is super supportive, he’s like a big brother to everyone.”

Shannon's got skillz!! Better Everyday:)

Shannon’s got skillz!! Better Everyday:)


Shannon’s dedication, hard work and positive attitude have a strong effect on those around him.  He has accomplished quite a bit in the past few months, including taking part in his first competition, but this is just the beginning of his fitness journey.  We are proud he has chosen CFOS to be a part of his fitness journey and we excited for what the future holds for him, this is just the beginning!

-by Harlee Stafford  

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