Crossfit Outspoken’s Athlete Spotlight—Alex Blackwell

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 Athlete Spotlight 



There are few people in this world who are quiet when given the opportunity to be boastful—those who walk with humility that can be felt from miles away. CrossFit Outspoken is privileged to have Alex (AKA one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet!) as a part of our family.

How It All Started

Alex was born in Heidelberg, Germany and grew up in the DC Metro area as an active child who channeled his energy into competitive soccer leagues. After graduating high school, his fitness routines shifted more toward weightlifting in the gym, and his time on the field was spent coaching and refereeing.

Now an officer of 9 years in the United States Air Force, Alex works as a space professional in the Canaveral space launch arena, which is pretty darn cool if we may say so! This position brought him to sunny Florida and ultimately, to CrossFit Outspoken. Alex heard about CrossFit from a multitude of friends and coworkers over the years, and after being introduced to CrossFit workouts from a Lieutenant who was also a coach, he was inspired to join CFOS.

Alex demonstrating a beautiful movement and hard earned shoulder strength, coming back from a surfing injury.

Alex’s accomplishments in the box are pure evidence of his determination, strength and ability to prevail over circumstances that most others would see as setbacks. In the past 6 years, Alex has undergone 2 major surgeries due to non-CrossFit related injuries. His first was a knee surgery that took 3 years to fully recover from. His second was a shoulder surgery, which he recuperated from in only 8 months with the help of CrossFit and guidance from our coaches!

Going back to my surgery, I thought, ‘This is the end, and I’m old and don’t need to be pushing myself as I did in my 20s.’ I mentally started to check out and was thinking, ‘I won’t be able to perform like I did’ and was ready for the worst. Throughout the past six months, I have been making small but effective strides, which have really brought strength back to me—both physically and emotionally.”

Alex has taken his circumstances and feelings of discouragement and has overcome them. He has pressed forward when it would be easy to simply give up, and it is this strength of character that we admire most.

Coach Michelle had nothing but respect to share…..

Alex is a HUGE part of our CrossFit OutSpoken Family, he brings so much value to our athletes, always encouraging, inspiring and supporting others to be and do better. He’s a great team player, and brings his positive attitude to class each day regardless of adversity or struggles he may be facing.

Alex’s has dedicated himself to his health and fitness. Ever since joining CFOS in May of 2016, he has been relentless about improving his form and position within his weightlifting and gymnastics! Even taking what he’s learned and inspiring his squadmates at work to perform better and move safer. He is a true leader inside and outside the box, always willing to lend a helping hand, so others can be better. To include inspiring othera to give CrossFit a GO…. SUPER POWERFUL IMPACT!!

Alex has made us all so proud, he is such a hard worker and strives for excellence in all he does inside the gym. True inspiration to us all and excited for what the future holds for him and his fitness endeavors!!”

Alex crushing a ’30 inch Box Jump with ease!! So talented and always a hard worker!!

Coach Harlee shared similar sentiments…..

I have a lot of respect for Alex. He faces challenges with a quiet resolve and doesn’t give up. He struggled with a difficult shoulder injury (not from CrossFit) that eventually required surgery. Leading up to the surgery his arm had to be immobilized, which caused it to atrophy. He continued to consistently come to classes and Coach Michelle scaled his WODs and programmed for him to protect his shoulder yet still allow him to improve his fitness.

After the surgery, Alex had a long recovery, followed by the work required to get his arm strong again. Not only did Alex consistently put in the work, but he did it without complaint. He didn’t lament his injury, or the fact that he couldn’t do what everyone else was doing; he just came in, listened to what his coaches told him, put his head down and did the work.

Even while struggling with the injury, Alex was kind and friendly with the other athletes in his classes, maintaining a positive and supportive attitude.

It is said that adversity reveals our true selves. In this case, it showed what kind of person Alex is: a fantastic person and a wonderful athlete to coach. His unflinching commitment and endlessly positive attitude in the face of adversity has been an inspiration.”

From the beginning of his journey with CFOS, Alex’s number one goal has been to purely be a better version of himself, and he has not only achieved that goal but has served as a humble example to those around him for how to achieve the very same thing.

Deadlifting LIKE A BOSS!!

As if that isn’t profound enough, Alex’s favorite memory in the box is the first time he completed sled pushes! Yes, sled pushes—a very demanding movement both physically and mentally.

After we started everyone quickly started falling out one by one and everyone was having difficulty with this exercise. The reason why this is my favorite memory is because it humbled me. It made me realize how quickly you can go from being ready to take on a task to being knocked off of your feet. Regardless of how strong or built up you feel, you can be knocked down at any minute. It’s all about how you come back and reattack the situation.

Alex exudes incredible physical strength, but more importantly, inspires us daily with his strong heart and spirit to conquer any challenge set before him. Below, Alex reflects on his journey and how CFOS has been a positive part of it….

I believe that there are 4 pillars in our life that make us a well-rounded individual. Those pillars are mental, spiritual, physical, and social. CFOS has been able to help me create a solid and lasting foundation for my physical need and has helped grow other pillars in my life as well. I love the dedication that is in the box. It starts from the coaches and trickles down to the individuals. Everyone one fuels off of one another and is growing with one another. It’s such an awesome feeling when you think about where we started from to where we are now. Regardless of when you joined, looking back at when you started, and where you are now just shows the power of people dedicated to being better and what can really happen.

What Our Coaches Had To Say…

Coach Emily

Alex’s dedication and character are what sticks out to me the most. His dedication and commitment to his health has allowed him to recover quickly from a shoulder injury and has allowed him to increase his overall fitness. Alex’s character is what makes him an integral part of the CFOS Family. He’s always the first one to cheer someone else on or say “Good job” at the end of a WOD.”

Coach Justin

Alex what can we say, he probably has the strongest matching game in the box, always rocking cool workout gear. He has a positive mindset and always working hard on his weakness every day. He’s inspires us every day to be better and is a great team player.”

More From Alex

Listen up, young grasshopper! Alex has a few more nuggets of wisdom to impart on the world around him. First, a quote that’s his personal favorite: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Second, Alex provides a tool he believes will make each person better:

Balance! Life is all about balance and at different times, that balance weighs in one favor over another. Don’t judge other people on where their balance is in life, and don’t judge your life on where you are balancing priorities compared to others.

 Alex rocking some hard earned strict pull-ups!! Such an inspiring come back from his shoulder injury.

We’re so proud of Alex for constantly giving his best and for using the challenges he faces to grow as an individual. It’s remarkable to witness his bravery, positivity and the impact he has on those around him. We love you buddy, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

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