CrossFit OutSpoken’s Athlete Spotlight – Amy Rebadow

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February’s, 2016: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

February 2016′s Athlete of the Month is Amy.

Meet AMY!!

Meet AMY!!

Amy has been a member of CrossFit OutSpoken for over a year, attending mostly the 9am class.  She speaks softly, but works hard, and all of her work over time has had some amazing results.  Her performance and strength have steadily increased and her body composition has changed dramatically.  All of her hard work led her to find the courage to compete with her team at the War on Wall Street, where she made her team, her coaches and her fiance’ very proud.

Hailing from Youngstown, New York, Amy and her family moved to Melbourne, Florida about eleven years ago to escape the snowy, bitter cold winters of New York and she said she is never moving back! She finds Florida to be a tropical paradise.

Team "Perfectish" Amy's first CrossFit Competition!!

Team “Perfectish” Amy’s first CrossFit Competition!! Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

Before joining CrossFit OutSpoken, Amy did not have an extensive athletic history.  She played softball for several summers while growing up, played tennis for her High School and took up running as an adult.  She ran some 5K’s and has completed the Space Coast Half-Marathon a couple of times.  She also played adult kickball for a couple of seasons, which is where she met her wonderful fiance’, Chris.   

Amy’s journey with CrossFit began when Brandy, her co-worker, asked her to come to a free intro class here at CrossFit OutSpoken.  She definitely had some reservations about trying it out because she had heard some negative things about CrossFit in general and it seemed very intimidating. However, Brandy assured her everything would be okay, so she came to the Saturday intro class and loved it!  Amy recalls, “There was such a positive vibe and I enjoyed the workout, so I decided to sign up.  It was one of the best decisions of my life.”

Amy.. Heart of a LION!

Amy.. Heart of a LION! Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

Her primary goal in the beginning was to lose weight, and she was successful; losing 30 pounds in a year.  “I believe the 90-Day Challenge had so much to do with this,” she said. “It changed the way I eat on a daily basis and made me pay attention to what I was putting into my body.  I make better, healthier choices and I feel more energetic.  My family eats healthier, too!”  When asked how her goals have changed, she said, “My goals now are to become stronger, to be able to do box jumps, tone my belly, and maintain a healthy weight and eating habits.”  She then added with a smile, “And get a squat booty!”

Amy has made a lot of progress since she began CrossFit.  “Overall, I am more fit and feel great,” she said.  “In the past year, I have climbed a rope, which I had never done before; even as a kid in school I couldn’t do it.  I also deadlifted 103#, which was super exciting.  Competing in the War on Wall Street felt like a big accomplishment for me.  This was my first competition and I was very nervous, but it was such a fun time.  Being in front of all those people was definitely out of my comfort zone.”

Amy crushing it at War on Wall Street. Competition. Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

Amy crushing it at War on Wall Street. Competition. Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

When not crushing the weights at CFOS, Amy is a nurse in the Mother / Baby Unit at Holmes Regional Medical Center.  “I’ve been there for ten years and I love my job,” she said.  “Every day I get to see new little babies.  I’m happy to be in a career where I can help people and make a difference in their lives.”  When she’s not working, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, kayaking and camping.  “I love being outdoors,” she said.  She also enjoys cooking and reading.

Amy and her Fiance' Chris, who is part of our extended family as well!!! Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

Amy and her Fiance’ Chris, who is part of our extended family as well!!! Photo Credit: Mike Delvesco

Amy added, “Being a part of CrossFit OutSpoken has made a significant difference in my life.  It’s not just about the exercise; it’s about the sense of community and family and I love that.  Everyone is so supportive of one another.  My accomplishments at the box made me feel good about myself and that carries over into other aspects of my life.  I like that my kids see me making these positive, healthy changes in my life.  I want to be a good example for them. I want my daughter Lily to see that being strong is beautiful.  My son Lucas gave me the nickname “Forklift” for the War on Wall Street Competition; he said it’s because I can lift heavy stuff.  Now, I know that what I can lift is pretty light weight, but it made me smile that this was his perception of me, plus it’s a darn cute nickname.  I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of people.”

Amy’s CFOS experience has had a huge impact, not only on her and her family, but on CrossFit OutSpoken as well.  She has accomplished so much, and we are proud to be a part of her journey.   

-by Harlee Stafford  

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