CrossFit OutSpoken’s Athlete Spotlight – Brandy Berry.

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June’s, 2015: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

June’s 2015′s Athlete of the Month is Brandy.

Meet Brandy! AKA.. "Cray"

Meet Brandy! AKA.. “Cray”

Brandy’s smile and “cray cray” attitude are well known to everyone at CrossFit OutSpoken. She is there almost every day, many times twice a day, giving her all with her husband, Jason.  All of her hard work has produced incredible results.  Her physical transformation during the 90 Day Challenge was amazing, and resulted in her being selected as one of the challenge winners.  During this time, she not only became leaner, fitter and stronger, but she also improved her mental strength, finding the courage to register and compete in her first CrossFit Competition…. the Festivus Games.   

Brandy's First CrossFit Competition!! She pushed herself outside her comfort zone and did amazing!!

Brandy’s First CrossFit Competition!! She pushed herself outside her comfort zone and did amazing!!

Born and raised in Rockledge, Brandy, lived in Orlando for four years while attending UCF.  She moved back to Brevard County because she was dating her future husband, Jason.  Her athletic background primarily centered around playing basketball or baseball every afternoon with best friend, Shelby, her brothers, and the boys in their neighborhood.  In ninth grade, she started playing soccer as well as participating in cross country. Brandy says, “I was never a standout athlete, not the best or fastest, just had perseverance.”  

When asked how she found she found CrossFit OutSpoken, Brandy, she explained, “I had a few friends who did CrossFit, but I was never really too interested. Even though I knew I would probably like it, it all looked a little too intimidating for me to try. My friends Jen and Luis tried to get Jason and I to join CrossFit for years, but we always had some excuse. I actually watched CrossFit Outspoken become a reality through Colin and Christine’s Facebook, and was inspired by Christine’s journey, but still didn’t think it was for me.”

She continued, “Then Jason went on his own one day and checked out CrossFit Outspoken. He came home and told me he would like to join, and to say I was shocked that my husband decided to start his journey to a healthier lifestyle on his own would be an understatement.”

Meet Power Couple Brandy and Jason!!!

Meet Power Couple Brandy and Jason!!!

Jason started and immediately began trying to “drag” Brandy into his new endeavor. While she was super proud of him because it was the first time in ten years he had made any effort toward improving his health, Brandy was self conscious and not ready to put herself out there, especially because she knew some of the members at CFOS.

“Eventually,” Brandy said, “I sucked it up and came at his urging, and was completely inspired by Michelle at the intro class, She says some powerful stuff that pulls at your heart, but also makes you think that you just have to go for it. Then, of course, the atmosphere and the athletes were super supportive, and while it wasn’t easy to show up and just put myself out there, I knew once I got there, I would be okay, even if I did have a couple of emotional breakdowns along the way, and even if I had to work one on one with Harlee a million times to learn moves, and then eventually I started to look forward to it, and of course now I love it.”

When she started, Brandy didn’t have any “official” goals.  She watched as many of the other members outlined their goals, but didn’t even know what some of the CrossFit related goals meant.  She explained, “I would say unofficially my goals initially were just to show up and make it to class at least three times a week, to try and finish workouts, and to really try not to compare myself to what others were doing, and try to not to be so hard on myself…..still one of my worst qualities. Then modifying my diet and sticking to it was next, and while I can do pretty good with that, it is still a work in progress, especially on the weekends. I think my goals are more mental ones, such as trying not to be so hard on myself, allowing myself to be on the journey, not just expecting perfection, learning to take a compliment and be proud of my accomplishments, stop overthinking things and just let the good stuff happen, things like that.”


Before and After Pictures of the CFOS 90 Day Feel, Look and Perform Better Challenge!! Brandy did amazing!!



Still looking amazing to this day and continue to apply what she has learned from the challenge!! She is down a total of 50 lbs since starting at CFOS.

When asked how her goals have changed during her time at CFOS, she said, “Physically my goals are changing from just trying to survive the workouts to now wanting to push myself harder, but sometimes that is a struggle too. My biggest goal right now is to stay the course and not fall back into old behaviors and patterns.”

Brandy has accomplished a lot while at CFOS. When asked ab0ut what accomplishments she was most proud of, she said, “I am really proud of both myself and my hubby Jason for becoming better examples to our daughter Macie, and even to some of our friends and family who have been inspired to start being more healthy, whether it’s been from joining CrossFit or just starting a healthier lifestyle. I was really proud of the fact that I was able to run a mile without stopping, hadn’t done that since high school, and honestly didn’t believe I could do it. I’m proud that I put myself out there and competed at Festivus, and even though it is a novice competition, I did not feel adequate when I signed up to compete. It took a lot of guts for me to do that, and it was a great experience. I’m most proud of the everyday stuff, just allowing myself to do something good for me, and that I even had the courage to start.”

Brandy working on her Overhead Squat!! Looking good girl!

Brandy working on her Overhead Squat!! Looking good girl!

When not kicking ass at CrossFit, Brandy is a postpartum nurse who takes care of new moms and babies after they deliver. Her hobbies include reading and watching TV shows, especially those on Bravo, and spending time with family and friends.

Brandy said, “I am so thankful to everyone at our box, from our coaches, to my fellow athletes who encourage each other, to Hannah for taking such good care of our babies so we can do something good for ourselves everyday. We have something really special at CFOS, and I’m so thankful for Coach Michelle and Harlee for putting all of their time, energy, and love into us.”

"We love our Brandy" Coach Michelle & Harlee

“We love our Brandy” – Coach Michelle & Harlee

During her time at CrossFit OutSpoken, Brandy has become an incredibly important part of our family. She brings laughter, energy and good spirits with her, and is one of the hardest working athletes at the box.  We are proud of all she has accomplished and are happy to be a part of her fitness journey.

Little message from Brandy’s Coach Michelle…..

“Words can’t express how proud we are of Brandy and what she means to our CrossFit OutSpoken Family! She is a great friend to us all and supports everyone in our crew!!  Love that cray cray girl!!”

-by Harlee Stafford


  1. I am so proud of Brandy and her accomplishment. She was MY postpartum nurse when I had my first child, and she has a heart of gold. We became friends and though we don’t see each other regularly, she has a special place in my heart always. To know that she is achieving her goals is inspiring and wonderful. I wish her the best and I am so impressed with her determination. What an awesome post on an awesome woman!! -HM

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