Crossfit Outspoken’s Athlete Spotlight—DeAnna Kaltenbach

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Athlete Spotlight 

Our Beautiful DeAnna!!


Creative, confident and quirky, DeAnna glows with a charm that fills the room! Ready for a change in her life, she uprooted from Illinois in 2012, eager to expand her horizons and seek greater opportunities for herself in Florida. Settled in with her boyfriend and ‘Instafamous’ greyhound (seriously—you can follow him here: @the_greyt_gatsby), DeAnna enjoys her time in the sunshine state and believes taking that leap of faith has helped her grow to be a better person.

As a young adult, DeAnna acquired skills as an ice skater and softball player, and after giving basketball a shot in high school, she even discovered talent as a student athletic trainer. But her talent isn’t limited to the world of sports! DeAnna is also an avid cross stitcher and craft connoisseur.

I get teased a lot for being a cross stitcher, but it is something that completely relaxes me and makes me forget about the world around me as I poke the needle through the fabric over and over again. I love working with my hands and also enjoy crochet, quilting, needlepoint, and crafts in general, but I always fall back to cross stitch. It’s the accountant in me that loves the detail and attention that is required to complete thousands of stitches on a single piece.

ACTION VIDEO!!! DeAnna’s has Mad Barbell Skillz!! She has worked hard to improve her movement, little by little, and with consistent work, she has developed into a tremendous athlete. Always inspiring those around her to be better!!

DeAnna’s creative spirit is a part of why we at CrossFit Outspoken love her so much! She’s fun-loving, always wears a smile and something is awry if she walks through the door without mismatched clothes. Over the past year of being with us, she has blossomed into a colorful display of self-confidence, and her lighthearted contentment with her life serves as an unspoken example to the people around her.

DeAnna demonstrating a beautiful Front Squat!!

Since joining CFOS, DeAnna has completely transformed her body physically by committing to the CFOS Sustainable Nutrition Program. Through this program she has developed a healthy and happy relationship with food, free of guilt, shame and unrealistic restrictions or expectations.  

Through consistent effort, DeAnna was able to follow a easy & sustainable nutrition program specifically created for her lifestyle, via the guidance of her coach, that has allowed her to achieve tremendous results, both physically and emotionally.

Since starting the program, she has achieved the following physical changes!!

– Dropped 38.72 lbs of body fat

– Dropped 5.5 inches in the hips

– Dropped 6 inches in the waist

– Reduced Body Fat by 11.61%

She has energy for days, performs and recovers like a boss, stronger than ever, leaner, faster, and is living life to the fullest!! This girl is on fire, she is the happiest and healthiest she has ever been. We are so proud!! Might we add, she accomplished this even through holidays, vacations and travel trips, life shouldn’t and doesn’t stop just because we are on a quest towards health. DeAnna will tell you sustainability is KEY!! 

                                                 Pink Tank… When DeAnna started CrossFit in March of 2017.                                                          Green Tank… was taken April 2018.

Coach Michelle’s word of choice for DeAnna is “happiness!”

One word comes to mind when I think of our DeAnna, and that is HAPPINESS!! DeAnna is a joy to coach, with her warm personality, relentless work ethic and happy heart. She is always smiling, full of positive energy and brings lots of laughs!!

DeAnna has improved tremendously within her physical fitness and performance, she is legit a badass with a barbell and rockstar with the dumbbells!! Each days she grows stronger from the inside out, always inspiring others to be better via her actions and words.

She has completely transformed her body through sustainable nutrition and consistent training. Doing so in a healthy and balanced manner, she is thriving in LIFE!! So proud of the her hard work and dedication to her health and wellness. As her crazy redheaded coach, I could not be prouder!! Love this girl and grateful to have her in my life and call her my friend, she pushes me to better each day.”

Coach Harlee describes her as positively contagious (with some mad baking skills)!

DeAnna always brings humor and energy to whichever class she attends. Her positive attitude is contagious and she makes her fellow athletes and coaches laugh during DROM and after class. However, her positive nature doesn’t prevent her from putting her head down and getting to work. Her performance and strength have continued to improve, even during the times when she travels for work. Her dedication to the Sustainable Nutrition Program has also yielded clear results in her performance and body composition. She is a joy to coach and an important part of our CFOS family. She also makes some killer cupcakes.”

Home Sweet Home… DeAnna’s Crazy Crew!!

DeAnna came to us a year ago after much searching for athletic training that would ‘stick.’ She had worked out on her own and even hired a personal trainer, only to leave with feelings of dejection and judgment. After inquiring her boyfriend’s sister about CrossFit, DeAnna immediately set out on the pursuit to find a box she could call home. That’s when DeAnna found CFOS.

This is the ONLY place that I have felt like I belong. Everyone is encouraging and motivating and when I’m at the box, it’s just another place that makes everything in my life disappear for an hour because my brain can literally not think about anything but getting through some really tough workouts.

DeAnna’s Fun Loving CFOS Family

Always giving her all, DeAnna stepped through our door with a willingness to be vulnerable. She placed herself in a foreign environment with new people and allowed herself to grow and mature with a spirit of determination that’s positively praiseworthy. She no longer steps on the scale with frustration. She is free from the bondage of vanity, and when she looks in the mirror, she greets herself with an acknowledgment of the beautiful person she is. As a result of her receptivity and commitment, DeAnna has made working out a lifetime habit, which is one of her greatest accomplishments at CFOS!

When I’m feeling down on any particular day, even if it makes me feel like not going, I still make myself go. I’m proud of myself for having the courage to step into a place that I knew nothing about and knew no one. I took a leap of faith, and it’s the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I no longer dislike the way I look. I don’t look in the mirror and hate what I see. I don’t step on the scale and think “what am I doing with my life”. One day at a time, one WOD at a time, I am becoming better because of the work that I do and the AMAZING people that surround me every day.

DeAnna crushing some Kettlebell Swings!!

DeAnna has let absolutely nothing hold her back, and the courage it takes to reach that level of vulnerability is astounding. We are so proud of her for knowing no bounds and for pursuing life with such an exploratory nature. These qualities are the very things that have allowed DeAnna to grow into the joyful, vibrant person she is today, and it is a part of why she brings so much richness to our CrossFit Outspoken family!

What Other Coaches Had To Say…

Coach Emily

DeAnna has the heart of a lion. Not only does she work hard in the box and with her nutrition, but she also has a seemingly endless amount of positive energy! Her dedication to her health and fitness is truly inspiring! She is not afraid to be herself and embrace her BRIGHT, beautiful colors! DeAnna helps make CFOS a safe place for everyone to grow.”

Coach Justin

DeAnna what can I say about her.. she marches to the beat of her own drum in a good way. I have great respect in how she chooses to enjoy herself within her fitness goals and outside of the gym. DeAnna enjoys life and brings joy to others each day. I know every time I see DeAnna she will have a smile at the gym and maybe even share a funny joke.”

So beautiful and strong from he inside out!!

Did You Know…?

1. DeAnna started her career out of college as a tax accountant for the state of California (while still living in Illinois.) Her career has since transitioned to Northrop Grumman’s property management group, which allows her to travel!

2. DeAnna has a passion for traveling and has been to Fiji, Ireland (twice), Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica and 32/50 states! Try saying that five times fast!

3. DeAnna put her crafty hands to work and created the prized trophy awarded to the CFOS 2017 Fashion Show winner at our annual Christmas Party.

4. Australia is #1 on DeAnna’s travel bucket list. Crikey!

5. DeAnna’s favorite quote is “Work to live, don’t live to work!” She believes you should never let your job hold you back from the things you want to do with your life and promotes doing a little self-care every now and then. In other words, TREAT YO’SELF.

DeAnna’s Piece of Advice

Spend time traveling, even if it’s just domestically. There is so much in the world to see and it gives you opportunity for many experiences you will miss out on if you never move outside your comfort zone!

Furthermore, don’t let other people dictate who you are! Be your own person, not part of the crowd. Stand out! Be weird! Uniqueness is part of the human condition and it makes life way more fun.

Also…. If you’re looking for a change and want to be healthier and happier, then just do it!! Come to a Free Introduction Class and see what CrossFit is all about, it’s been one of the best decisions of my life and I will be  forever grateful.

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