CrossFit OutSpoken’s Athlete Spotlight – Kristen Murphy.

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August’s, 2015: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

August’s 2015′s Athlete of the Month is Kristen.

Kristen conquering strict dips!!! Hell Yes, big Victory!

Kristen conquering strict dips!!! Hell Yes, BIG Victory!

For almost a year, Kristen Murphy has been putting in work at CFOS.  Not only has she consistently attended classes five days a week, but she has worked incredibly hard with both intensity and a strong focus on improving her form.  Additionally, several months ago, at Coach Michelle’s encouragement, Kristen changed her diet to the Zone.  Eating a Zoned meal plan and her consistent hard work have resulted in an amazing transformation, both physically and mentally.   Those who have workout with her know she has a positive and humble attitude, and is always encouraging and supportive of other CFOS members.

Born in New Jersey, Kristen’s father was in the military at the time and they moved to Virginia Beach, where she stayed until her parents were divorced at the age of 9.  She and her mother moved to Brevard County when she was in 3rd grade and have been here ever since, living here with her husband, Mike, and their two small children, Kale and Kyla.

Power Couple!!!

Power Couple!!!

Kristen has a long athletic history, starting gymnastics at the age of 3.  She practiced gymnastics until she had a traumatic knee injury at the ripe age of 12.  In middle and high school she was a power forward on the varsity basketball team, and also started springboard diving her freshman year of high school and continued this through her first few months of college at the University of Florida.  She unfortunately had to walk away from the sport after having had a 5th knee surgery.

She initially found out about crossfit from one of her husband’s coworkers at the fire department.  He owned another local affiliate and asked if she’d like to come in and check it out.  She was looking to get into better shape after having had their first child, Kale, and she knew she didn’t want to spend countless hours in an “old-fashioned” gym setting. She tried crossfit for the first time in 2012 and continued to WOD intermittently throughout her second pregnancy.  

Kristen owning the ROPE CLIMB!!

Kristen owning the ROPE CLIMB!!

After having her daughter Kyla in March 2013, she became more serious and started showing up 4-5 times a week, which she loved!  “I liked the idea of a more personal interaction with a coach as that tied into my previous sports background,” she explained.  “Unfortunately after a few months of working out at his gym, I just wasn’t feeling that fire any more to get in there and get sweaty.  I had also had a few injuries since working out there (a broken arm and a banged up knee – my bad one of course!) and it was making me nervous to go in and push myself to the limits, so I stepped away for a while.”  

Kristen connected with CFOS groundbreaker Christine Kearns through facebook (and her husband Colin, whom Kristen went to middle school with) and she was telling Kristen about how awesome CFOS was and how she needed to come and “check it out”.  It took some convincing, not because Kristen didn’t believe her, but because,  “I was still making excuses about my incompetent body or lack of motivation.”  After a few weeks of facebook messenger conversations, she finally bit the bullet and emailed Coach Michelle.  “The rest is history,” she said with a smile.

Squat Hang Clean #130, smashing another GOAL!!!

Squat Hang Clean #130, smashing another GOAL!!!

Kristen described her first WOD at CFOS. “I will forever remember my first wod at CFOS,” she said, “it was a hellacious combination of burpee deadlifts and weighted step-ups.  I got through 5 burpee deadlifts and thought to myself, ‘Oh crap… this isn’t good’.  Moving along to the weighted step-ups, my knee was so bad and so weak that I couldn’t perform a body weight step-up let alone a weighted one.  Michelle had to set up a stair system so that I could complete the workout (and by “complete” I mean drag myself through half of the rep scheme in the same amount of time it was taking the other athletes to complete the whole thing). Talk about a humbling experience.”

Kristen’s goals have changed tremendously since starting back in November.  Her initial goal when walking into CFOS was to lose weight – plain and simple.  She explained, “I was so disgusted with how I’d let myself go after having had our babies.  I was able to shed almost 30lbs from the time I had Kyla to the time I stopped going to my first CF box, but between the time that I stopped there and started at CFOS, I had allowed myself to gain it all back.  I desperately wanted to be healthy for my family and set a good example for my kids.  I didn’t want my children to be made fun of as they got older, because their mom was overweight.”  Her goals in regards to the kids have remained the same, but she doesn’t so much worry anymore about being the “out of shape mom who can’t keep up.”  She said, “I first and foremost want to set a healthy example for Kale and Kyla.  I want to inspire them to love and accept their bodies, no matter the shape or size, but also to motivate them to get out there and move their bodies in a way that’s healthy and fun.  I also want them to see that eating healthy to fuel your body is important and life changing.”  As far as personal goals, she said, “Of course I want to be in shape, I think that’s a given.  But instead of only focusing on my weight, I’m learning to focus on what my body can DO.  How much weight my body can LIFT.  How long in an endurance WOD my body can GO.  I know that by showing up and putting in the work, my body will make the changes it needs to and not caring so much about the superficial stuff has been liberating, to say the least!”  

Crushing goals!! Proud of this girl!!

Crushing goals!!  Conquering the BOX JUMP!! Proud of this girl!!

When asked about what accomplishments she’s most proud of since joining CFOS, Kristen said, “After having had 5 knee surgeries and 2 brain surgeries, I honestly thought my days of being an ‘athlete’ were over.  I had spent the better part of my life being involved in individual and team sports and the prospect of not being involved in some type of physical activity was very daunting.  Prior to starting at CFOS, my orthopedic surgeon told me that while crossfit was OK for me to do, there were some things that I needed to ‘steer clear’ of… box jumps, lunges, split jerks, and dynamic olympic lifts.  I feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal since starting at CFOS, but my proudest moments have been proving that surgeon wrong and doing ALL OF THE THINGS he told me I couldn’t do.”  

When not kicking ass at CFOS, Kristen is a senior nurse practitioner at a geriatric practice in Melbourne.  “I’ve been there for almost 8 years and absolutely LOVE working with the elderly,” she said.  Most of her spare time is spent with her family; they love days at Disney and afternoons on the beach.  “I also love to surf,” she said, “although I haven’t had as much time to do that since having children.”  

Kristen hitting the #300 Deadlift Club!!! WHAT WHAT!!

Kristen hitting the #300 Deadlift Club!!! WHAT WHAT!! That smile says it all!!

“Joining CFOS back in November has been the absolute best decision in regards to my overall health and wellbeing,” Kristen said.  “Michelle and Harlee have built a home away from home for so many of their athletes.  CFOS for me is a safe place… a place where I’m accepted and celebrated regardless of how my body looks or how much weight I can lift.  The coaching is top-notch and our safety is always top priority.  I am beyond blessed by the relationships that have developed at the box and feel very fortunate to have two amazing coaches that I consider not only friends, but family as well.”

Kristen at her 2nd CrossFit Competition with her CrossFit OutSpoken Family!!

April, 2015… Kristen at her 2nd CrossFit Competition with her CrossFit OutSpoken Family  !!

We are proud of Kristen and all she has accomplished.  Her performance, mobility and strength are amazing, but it’s her positive, humble and welcoming attitude that shows her true strength.  She is a wonderful person and we are proud to have her as a part of the CrossFit OutSpoken family!

Little Feedback from her Crazy Redhead Coach Michelle, who expressed… “It has been a absolute pleasure to coach and train with Kristen. She is a tremendous athlete with the heart of a lion. Watching her grow as an athlete has been beyond rewarding and exciting! No matter how much progress she makes, she always remains humble and supportive to everyone in our CFOS Family, never losing sight of what’s important. She truly inspires so many in our CFOS Crew, to include me! It’s makes my heart beam to see her conquer goals that once seemed impossible. She is a prime example of why we must never settle for what easy and always fight for what we deserve. I believe, there are no limits in life, only the ones we create for ourselves, we ultimately control what we “CAN” or “CAN’T” do. Kristen proves this everyday she steps into the BOX…Never settling and always pushing hard towards what she CAN DO! :)”   Love ya GIRL! – Coach

By: Harlee Stafford

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