CrossFit OutSpoken’s Athlete Spotlight – Melissa Hatfield

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March’s, 2015: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

March’s 2015′s Athlete of the Month is Melissa.

Meet Melissa!! Gun SHOW!!

Meet Melissa!! Gun SHOW!!

Another member of the “up before the sun” group WODing at 5:30 am, Melissa has been making tremendous progress, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. As her strength has increased, so has her courage, and amazing changes have followed.  She has a beautiful personality and she inspires and encourages those around her.

Raised on Merritt Island, Melissa was a competitive swimmer from 5 years old until 19 years old. About two years ago, she took up running as a hobby and worked out on her own in a commercial gym.  However, she admitted to being the type of person who got bored very easily with working out, and soon it became a chore just to go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week.

Melissa is also super fast!!! This girl can run!

Melissa is also super fast!!! This girl can run!

For several months, she saw Facebook posts from Colin and Christine about their CrossFit OutSpoken experiences.  She saw how much fun they were both having as they got fitter and healthier.  She decided to “try CrossFit and join in the fun.”  She visited CrossFit OutSpoken and joined right away, never looking back.

When asked about her goals, Melissa said, “My daily goal is to be a better athlete than I was yesterday and to give 100 percent on every workout.  One of my long term goals is to squat at the proper parallel position and the correct degree. I would also like to deadlift my bodyweight.”  I asked her if her goals have changed since joining CFOS, and she replied, “My goals have changed since I have joined CrossFit Outspoken. In the beginning my goals were tiny, for example, not using the blocks to deadlift or no 20 inch box to use when I did squats. I wasn’t able to box jump I was doing step ups instead. Well, two weeks ago I box jumped for the first time during a WOD. Last week I box jumped on the twenty inch box!”  She listed another one of her goals as to Rx a WOD.

First 20' Box Jump EVER!!  Like a BOSS, conquering fears and always pushing to be better!

First 20′ Box Jump EVER!! Like a BOSS, conquering fears and always pushing to be better!

Melissa has already accomplished much in her time at CFOS.  When asked what accomplishments she was most proud of, she said, “ I am just proud of myself in general of what I have accomplished in the amount of time I have been at CrossFit Outspoken. What I am really proud of myself is how much my self esteem and self confidence has gone up. I take off my shirt at times at the end of a WOD and am not self conscience about my flaws of my body. I would have never done that before. I was once told (before joining CFOS) by my trainer at the commercial gym that I wouldn’t be able to do crossfit because of the past injuries to my spine and the condition of my spine today. I sure proved her wrong! I am doing things I have never done before and look forward to keep on trying new things.”

Melissa also won 2nd Place in the first 30 Day Portion of the 90 Day Challenge! Losing 2 inches off her waist and hips! Getting stronger, faster and leaner!

Winner of the first 30 day portion of the 90 Day Nutrition Challenge, Emily, Melissa and Jenna!! Melissa took 2nd Place!

Winners of the first 30 day portion of the 90 Day Nutrition Challenge, Emily, Melissa and Jenna!! Melissa took 2nd Place!

When not doing CrossFit, Melissa works as a Pharmacy Technician and is working on her bachelor’s degree in Human Communication.  Her hobbies include reading, watching movies and swimming. “Anything that has to do with water, I’m all about it,” she said with a smile.

Jump roping like a BOSS!

Jump roping like a BOSS!

Melissa added, “I am truly blessed and lucky to be part of the CFOS family. I have never been so loved by so many people at once. Every one of you inspire me to be better on a daily basis. It brings me joy to watch when someone reaches a small goal or they think they are not able to lift a certain amount of weight then they do. I see the inner joy and smile on their face. When I see that it brings a smile to my face.”

We are blessed to be a part of Melissa’s journey and are proud of her accomplishments so far.  We are excited to see her continue to progress with her CFOS family.

A note from Coach Michelle….

“Melissa has been a privilege to coach and an amazing person inside and out, it’s been exciting and rewarding to watch her grow as a athlete and person.  She truly has inspired many to be better and supports her CFOS Crew 150%!  She is a total BADASS and we love her!”


-by Harlee Stafford




  1. kitty lyons says:

    Melissa is a total cream puff badass! Proud of the goal-setting! We’ve all always known Ms Melis is a toughie, much tougher than she’d ever dreamed. She’s got whatever it takes to succeed, no doubt. It’s a joy to be Melissas aunty.

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