CrossFit OutSpoken’s Athlete Spotlight – Nadine Millar

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January’s, 2015: Athlete Spotlight 


Each month, CrossFit OutSpoken will shine the spotlight on one of our amazing athletes so that we may all celebrate their successes and learn a little more about each other.

January’s 2015′s Athlete of the Month is Nadine.

Nadine has dramatically evolved physically, emotionally and mentally in her time at CrossFit OutSpoken.  Her performance has improved greatly, and her confidence and physique along with it.  She consistently shows up for classes and pushes herself, challenging her CFOS Crewmates as well as her own limitations.  All her hard work continues to pay off; she took 4th place at the 2014 Festivus Games and 3rd place in the inaugural 90 Day Feel, Look and Perform Better Challenge.

The past Challenge Winners!! Colin, Christine and Nadine rocked it, read their story below!!

Nadine (middle) took 3rd place in the past 90 Day Look, Feel and Perform Better Challenge, along side with her good friends Christine and Colin.

Nadine was raised in Browns Mills, New Jersey, which is a small town in the pine barrens about 25 minutes from Seaside Heights.  She lived there until she was 18, when she moved to Florida to attend college at Florida Tech.

She has an extensive athletic background, having swam competitively in high school.  In college, she joined the novice rowing team, where her team won the state championship rowing a “wooden 4”, which is a wooden-hulled rowing craft.  Despite her successes in rowing, she was forced to quit the team to make time for work.  Later, she walked on to the cross-country running team for two years and was a runner since then.

Nadine found CrossFit through her friend Christine Kearns.  Nadine had been running for a long time, but pulled her hamstring and fell out of love with running.  She gained some weight due to not exercising and a hypothyroid diagnosis and knew she had to do something to get healthier.  Christine invited her to a CrossFit Ladies Open House at a local CrossFit box.  She quickly fell in love with it, and joined the local box where Coach Michelle, Coach Harlee and Christine attended.

Nadine first CrossFit Workout!! November 15, 2013.

Nadine first CrossFit Workout!! November 15, 2013.

“The first time I met Michelle,” Nadine recalls, “She took me aside for at least 20 minutes and helped walk me through how to do a proper clean.  I’m guessing (my form) must have looked awful. I could see that she was very passionate about CrossFit, a phenomenal coach and she was so generous with her time.  When Christine told me that Michelle and Harlee were opening CrossFit OutSpoken…it was a no-brainer.  I was going to make CrossFit OutSpoken my new home.”

Nadine is a Biology teacher at Rockledge High School and also works part time at Brighthouse Networks in the Production Department.  She is also a wife, mother and CrossFitter.  Her other interests include photography, painting and basically anything “artsy”.  Given the the demands on her time, she isn’t able to those things as much as she’d like.

When asked about her goals, Nadine said, “My goals have changed a lot since I started.  When I first started I was focused on weight loss and how I looked.  As time went on, I hated being last in all the WODS.  I started to shift my goals to becoming stronger.  This started when I switched CrossFit Boxes to CrossFit OutSpoken.  I felt more confident, more at home and so much happier when I made the switch to CrossFit OutSpoken.”

Nadine hitting a PR on her 1RM Deadlift #225, strong!!

Nadine hitting a PR on her 1RM Deadlift #225, strong!!

“Since the food challenge and Festivus,” she continued, “I’m all about getting better at my Olympic lifts and just getting stronger in general.  I did lose a good amount of weight and now I’m focused on becoming a well-rounded athlete.  There are so many things I want to conquer.  Even the smallest gains get me pumped up! That’s a big change from before.  I feel my self-esteem and attitude have really improved since I joined CrossFit OutSpoken.”

Nadine with her girls at Festivus 2014!!

Nadine with her girls at Festivus 2014!!

Of all her accomplishments, Nadine said, “Outside of CrossFit, I feel really good about my family and overcoming some pretty hard setbacks.  I work hard every day to be positive, something that doesn’t come natural to me.  I’m proud to say that it’s paying off.  With CrossFit, I am happy to say I’m not as hard on myself and I’m finding patience in the process.  I’m having fun seeing all the things my body can do and enjoying the ride with everyone!  Taking 4th at Festivus was a pleasant surprise.  Hitting 195# for 5 deadlifts that day was pretty awesome!”

Nadine fighting for #195 for a set of five, at  the Festivus Games!!  She nailed it!

Nadine fighting for #195 for a set of five, at the Festivus Games!! She nailed it!

Nadine is an amazing person who inspires all of us.  She has successfully worked hard to improve not only her CrossFit performance, but all areas of her life.  “I just want to thank you all for inspiring and pushing me every time we are together,” she said.  “Your positively helps me more than you know, in and out of the box.  I love you all!”


-by Harlee Stafford

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