Crossfit Outspoken’s Athlete Spotlight—Shelby Emerson

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February 2018: Athlete Spotlight 


Shelby Rope CLIMBING like a BOSS!!

Shelby has been a part of our CFOS family for nearly 3 years now. She’s an inherent conqueror who consistently challenges herself not only to overcome her fears, but to allow those experiences to cultivate personal growth both in and outside the gym.

Coach Michelle expounds upon this when she shares her thoughts about our one and only Shelby….

“Shelby is our family and a tremendous part of what makes CrossFit OutSpoken so special. She has grown so much since her time her with us as an athlete and as a person. She is mentally stronger, which she demonstrates by crushing fears and self doubt, embracing her failures and imperfections and welcoming challenge & change. She is no longer a prisoner of her own fear or thoughts of unworthiness. She is strong, beautiful and confident in who she is from the inside out.

Everyday, Shelby shows up and does the work, bit by bit, little by little. Through small changes over time, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the BOX!! This girl is so strong, moves so well and is crazy FIT!! Three years of hard work, consistency and dedication to herself has paid off ten fold.

Shelby is someone whom I’ve come to respect and admire in many facets…. honest, caring, real and genuine in her actions and words. She inspires us all by those very actions, creating positive impact for so many, so powerful!! She is always there to help and lend a hand, such a good friend and quality person! We are so blessed to have this girl as part of our CFOS Family!! I’m so proud to be her crazy redheaded coach.” 



Overhead Lunge…SO Strong & Talented!!

How It All Started

Before Shelby was inspiring everyone in the box, she could be found jamming to rap and riding bikes all over Rockledge with her good friend Brandy—handle bar in one hand and a pinch of sass in the other. Naturally, when Brandy and her husband Jason started crossfit years later, Shelby was willing to give it a try.

I decided I was ready to do something for me and my health and I agreed to do an intro class. I remember saying that I will just do it for the summer…. That was almost 3 years ago.”

Within her 3 year journey, Shelby’s physical health has seen complete transformation, particularly in her knees. When she first began with CFOS, she was unable to run or perform squats without experiencing pain. Today, she excels in those movements (and so many others) entirely pain-free. Shelby’s dedication to exceptional movement and willingness to embrace each step of the process has produced strength and energy that reaches beyond the box. She feels she’s in a better place mentally and has more to offer those around her.

I feel I have more energy and I am in a better mood most of the time. Having a place like CFOS to go to has helped with my anxiety in every day life. I feel like I am a better mom, coworker and friend because of CFOS.

Powerful Transformation

Shelby has taken her health to a whole new level, in turn she is living the life she deserves, free of physical restrictions and self imposed limitations of fear & self doubt. She has done this through consistent hard work, patience, and small positive changes over time. SO INSPIRING!!

Coach Harlee shared his thoughts on Shelby’s journey……

Shelby is a joy to coach. She is very focused and listens to any input she is given in order to improve her performance. She shows up every day and gives whatever she has to give for that day; she is the personification of “Never Quit”. Her commitment and relentless consistency have resulted in amazing change in her performance and physique. She is also always ready to help her CFOS Crew whenever needed. Shelby is an important part of our CFOS Family and represents what can be achieved through consistent effort in her WODs and nutrition.”

L-Sit Hold Progression – Beautiful


What Other Coaches Had To Say…

Coach Emily

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Shelby is virtuosity. Shelby demonstrates patience in all of her movements and strives for excellence every time she comes to the box. She has also been able to dial in her nutrition and commit to a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Her performance, dedication and attitude is truly inspiring.”

Coach Justin

Shelby—one badass strong mother who puts the work in and it shows in her growth as an athlete within her movement and skills. She also keeps our crazy Brandy in check. Keep doing what you do girl and inspiring everyone.”


Shelby crushing a TRIPLE EXTENSION during a POWER SNATCH!!

Shelby, How’d You Get So Fly?

What can our Shelby be found doing when she isn’t crushing it in the box? Apart from contributing to our city as a civil designer (yes, she may have designed that road you drive on!), Shelby enjoys reading and exercising her creative muscle by painting furniture and doing tie dye with her mom and daughter Remi—all while probably rocking out to Avenged Sevenfold.

We love our fun, give-it-to-you-straight kind of girl, and we’re so glad to claim her as part of our family! Tell us Shelby—what’s your secret for being so awesome? We asked for advice, and she delivered:

Don’t let fear rule you. Even when it makes you uncomfortable, try the new thing you have been thinking about and know that you can do it. What makes you nervous at first will eventually be something you are comfortable with and you just may end up loving it.


  1. Great work Shelby! I love how you’re such a strong example to your sons and everyone around you. You’re a powerhouse!

    • Jenna Bernardo says:

      Not only is Shelby an inspiration, but even the write-up is brimming with heart. You go, girl!!!

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