Peggy’s CrossFit Adventure!!

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From unwell….. to Fit, Healthy & Fabulous!! Peggy’s new lease on life, started with one BRAVE Step that led her on a journey to be the best version of herself!!

READERS!!! You are in for a REAL TREAT!! Our girl Peggy asked to share her courageous story with the world in hopes to inspire others to take action in their lives, no matter the time, place, age, circumstance or current dilemma, we all deserve the best from ourselves!! Peggy is a TRUE INSPIRATION at CFOS and her story is powerful, we are all so proud and blessed to have her in our lives!!

Without further ado, meet our Mighty Peggy, this is her Powerful STORY!! 

My Journey with CrossFit…

In July 2016, I was not in a healthy place. My cholesterol levels were high. I was overweight. I had no energy. I just did not feel good in general. My husband and I are looking to retire soon and I did not want to spend our retirement years going to doctor’s appointments. I knew I needed to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Handstand Holds at 59 Years of age!! Peggy knows age is just a number, each day she excited to learn and conquer new adventures!!

A friend of mine invited me to go to an introduction class for CrossFit at CrossFit Outspoken (CFOS) in Rockledge, FL. I had always been interested in doing CrossFit, but felt I was too old and not in good physical shape. I went to the CFOS introduction class and walked away with the feeling that, yes, I can do CrossFit! That day, I joined CrossFit Outspoken!

Cindy Inspired Peggy to give CrossFit a GO, what a powerful impact Cindy had on Peggy’s Life, so powerful!! These two strong ladies are just incredible people!! #profoundactions

The Coaches are passionate about changing lives and super supportive. They work with each athlete individually and scale the WOD’s – Workout of the Day – for that particular athlete’s physical abilities. I had never lifted any kind of free weights — or any weights at all — for that matter. I have become stronger and fitter, my joints and tendons are healthier, I no longer have constant aches and pains.  I love my LIFE!

I, also, wanted to change my eating habits, along with getting physically fit.  Sustainable Nutrition Programs are offered at CFOS, with a huge emphasis on creating a program that works for each individual person, and done in a manner that is sustainable and educational.  I loved learning about nutrition and feeling part of the process, also learning about my body throughout the journey! Nutrition is no longer a struggle or worry, I have energy for days, feel great and in the best health of my life.

Peggy roping climbing for the first time EVER in her LIFE!! So exciting!! Smashing fears, doubts and self imposed limitations!! Better EVERYDAY:)

So, in doing CrossFit, along with CFOS sustainable nutritional program, I am in the best physical shape of my life. My cholesterol levels dropped 35 points. I lost weight and toned up (I have a few abs popping through too!). My energy level is through the roof!

I will be turning 60 years old this year. CrossFit Outspoken has really changed my life! My husband and I have a “Bucket List” of things to do when we retire and now I’m good to go!

Peggy rocking one of the most challenging movements within CrossFit, the Overhead Squat. She has built tremendous strength and stability throughout her training, which transfers directly into longevity and quality of life.

If you have an interest in CrossFit, but are hesitant to try it, check out one of the free no obligation introduction classes – just do it – I did and it enriched my life in so many ways.

I feel strong, confident, happy and ready to take on life’s adventure each day. CrossFit has made me physically and mentally stronger. I’m excited to wake up each day and conquer life’s adventures!! 

It is never too late to take that step to live a healthy lifestyle!

Hope this inspires your call to action!!


– Peggy


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