WOD: Friday, Feburary 9th, 2018.

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Muscle UPS!!!!


Exciting Opportunity to IMPACT & INSPIRE, we have a FREE Introduction to CrossFit Class this Saturday at 830AM.  If you know folks that are interested or who are ready for a life changing adventure, then bring them!! It’s our responsibility to make a positive impact upon others, so let’s come together and inspire!!

Awesome work yesterday with our Muscle Up Skill Clinic!! Way to put the work into refining your position, thus progressing and becoming better within the movement:) Hard work will pay off… 100% EFFORT and ACTION ALWAYS!! Now let’s put those skillz to use during the WOD!!


* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility:  Hips / Shoulder

* Movement Review:

  • Ring Muscle Up – SKILLZ!!!
  • Thruster



For Time:

*10 reps., Ring Muscle Up
*25 reps., Thruster #75 / #55
*1000 Meter Run
*25 reps., Thruster #75 / #55
*10 reps., Ring Muscle Up

Measure: Time     

Goal: Athletes will have the opportunity to practice their muscle ups within a relatively challenging progression. In the same sense pushing the pace on the thrusters and run, via intensity. 

Appropriate Scaling: Athletes will be scaled to a muscle up variation that is challenging, yet allows for proper application within the position to ensure progress. The scaling of the Thruster shall be on the lighter side to allow for a faster pace. Athletes will push hard on run, scaling distance if needed, to ensure intensity is maintained. 

Post WOD Cool Down

* Shoulder – Theraband Band
* Calves – Rack or Floor
* Hip Flexors – Samson
* Adductors – Lateral Lunges x 16 reps.


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