WOD: Skill Work & Recovery DAY!!

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Skill Clinic – Muscle Up, during the 530PM and 7PM Classes!!

For athletes wishing to partake in the Recovery WOD, that is an option as well during the Skill Classes.

REMEMBER….. we  rescheduled our Free Introduction to CrossFit Class this Saturday @ 830AM!! If you know folks that are interested or who are ready for a life changing adventure, then bring them!! It’s our responsibility to make a positive impact upon others, so let’s come together and inspire!!


Let’s Continue to Make IMPACT!



* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility:  Shoulders / Lats.

* Movement Skill Clinic:

  •   Strict Muscle Up:  Drilling Progressions  (530 PM & 7 PM Classes Only)

Recovery – Flow Session:


Run at a 65-75% Pace, nice and easy, focus on breathing.

* 400 Meter Run

     – 20 reps., Arch Up

* 300 Meter Run

     – 20 reps., Toe Touch

* 200 Meter Run

     – 10 reps., Arch Up

* 100 Meter Run

     – 10 reps., Toe Touch

* 200 Meter Run

     – 20 reps., Arch Up

* 300 Meter Run

     – 20 reps., Toe Touch

* 400 Meter Run

Measure: Time        /          CAP: 30 Min.

Goal: To move well, breath and recover.


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