WOD: Mar. 1st., 2018. Recovery DAY!!

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Baby MaKenna is HERE!! Love our little CFOS Family!!


Baby MaKenna is HERE!! Big congrats to our CFOS Power Couple and now proud parents… Justin and Jennifer!!

Reminder…….Exciting Opportunity to IMPACT & Inspire, we have a FREE Introduction to CrossFit Class this Saturday at 830AM.  If you know folks that are interested or who are ready for a life changing adventure, then bring them!! It’s our responsibility to make a positive impact upon others, so let’s come together and inspire!! They can RSVP for their class spot HERE

Baby MaKenna already sporting her CFOS Gear!! #loveourlittlecfosfamily #strongertogether


* DROM: Dynamic Range of Motion 

* Mobility:  Shoulders / Hips

* Movement Review:

  •   Team Elements

Recovery – Flow Session:

Recovery  WOD:

* Team Row & Run 300 Meters

     – 60 Reps., Weighted Sit Ups #45 / #25 (Plate)

* Team Row & Run 200 Meters 

     – 60 Reps., Heel Touches

* Team Row & Run 300 Meters

     – 60 Reps. Pike Weighted Sit Ups #45 / #25 (Plate)

* Team Row & Run 200 Meters

     – 60 Reps., Around the World

* Team Row & Run 300 Meters

Measure: Time    

Goal: Focus will be building midline, moving well, and recovering.


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